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Tips on the Best Way to Shop for and Style a baby

If you are a new parent, you probably are trying to figure out how to style your baby through the seasons, and family outings and even days in. Styling our bay starts from when you shop from them. Knowing what to buy like buying staple styling items like Everyday Baby Shoes will go a long way in helping you when you need to go out with your baby or babies. Let’s talk about some styling tips you can try.

Classic and Staple Pieces (Everyday Baby Shoes)

When you shop, be sure to buy classic pieces that can be paired with any outfit such as everyday baby shoes. Even though it might be tempting to get fancy clothes or accessories you should also invest in these classic staples that will help you with almost any outfit. You may think that because they are staples that your baby girl will not look as stylish. But what we want to accomplish here is to build a wardrobe that will give you many options and ideas for dressing your baby girl in a stylish way. A great way of doing that is by having a few classic pieces, like white or graphic tees. You can also apply this advice to yourself as well. We all need classic staple in our closet.

Neutral Colors

You would need to have some neutral colored items in your baby’s closet. This ties in with the previous point of getting staple and classic pieces. Neutral colors can be easily paired with other items and can be styled in different ways for different occasions. Even for girls,  you also want to have a few neutrals in your baby girls wardrobe. Many fashionable baby girl dresses can be found in neutral colors, which is great because it is easy to pair with other different clothing items and get a lot of wears out of them. Also some neutral colored dresses for those warm or cool days and neutral colored tights that can be paired with any outfit without having to worry about clashing colors.

Use Accessories

You can construct an outfit and take it to the next level by using accessories. Adding accessories to your baby girls wardrobe is such a fun and easy way to make a simple outfit be more stylish. A super adorable baby girl fashion trend right now are headbands and flower crowns. You can also add hair clips, or as you saw above, I love adding big bows to my daughter simple pony to make her outfit a little more stylish. You can also accessorize with other items like baby girl purses, belts, hats, scarfs backpacks, or shoes.

Play with Textures and Prints

Now that we got the basic and neutral pieces we can add fun textures and prints! This is another great idea for dressing your stylish baby girl. Add pieces made with fur or sequence or colorful prints. These can be paired easily with the neutral and basic pieces you already have.


Layering is a great way to show your sense of fashion and if the weather is cold it’s also a great way to stay warm. Layering adds so much character to outfits and it gives you so much room to explore and express your baby’s fashion trend and styles and also your own too. You can layer fashionable baby girl dresses with cardigans, tights, and boots for fall. Combining the right prints, neutrals and textures are what will make your baby girls outfit stand out.


If you want to invest in a piece of clothing for your child, invest in outerwear. Pick adorable outerwear to show your styles such as dresses, or jackets or coats. When buying outerwear, make sure they are appropriate for your baby’s age and also for the weather.

Add Comfortable Options to their Wardrobe

Comfort is key and that’s why trends like athleisure wear are becoming more common because people want to be stylish but also comfortable. One goes to comfortable item for kids is leggings and soft t-shirt or onesies. You can get different colors and patterns that can be paired with other pieces that will make it super stylish!

Combine High and Low-End Pieces

You don’t have to break the bank anytime you shop for your kid. Once you know what you need to get and break it down into categories (like the ones mentioned above) then you can know which items to splurge on and which ones you can get for cheap. For example, invest in good outerwear and jackets etc and get basics like inner-wear, socks, and leggings at more affordable prices from shops like Walmart and Target.

or example, leggings are usually items that can be found at very reasonable prices, so you take that and add a more high-end top or jacket to it and boom! You have a perfect outfit! However, if you can afford it and you want to spare no expenses on shopping for your kids then you can do that too. And there are some pieces like cute dresses that are quite expensive that you just fall in love with. It’s ok to get those for special occasions.

Buy Big Sizes

This is an age-old advice that you probably already know about but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. When shopping for your kids do not buy too many small sizes as they grow really quickly. You might end up stuck with brand new outfits that they never got to wear because they outgrew them faster than you could do an outfit change. Buy outfits that they can grow into as well as outfits that’s their size. Use your discretion but for example, do not buy so many of the same size clothes at the same time.